How humor made talking about personal credit and financing much lighter.

With the goal of reinforcing the brand’s stance and making the Car Financing and Personal Credit products known, the third institutional campaign promoted by BV used a humorous message to present the public with situation everyone can identify with.

Thinking on the reasons why people seek BV, we have created a campaign focused on generating knowledge and consideration in publics with different motivations and background.

We have presented the brand as the perfect partner for anyone who dreams of achieving their goals, showing, by using fast and clear language, that BV is the perfect partner when hiring personal credit and car financing services.

The humorous tone was the strength of the campaign, making situations in which people hire financial products lighter and more enjoyable. This has reinforced the digital essence of the message, increasing the public’s engagement and generating conversations with the most diverse people.

There were 11 movies, 3 newspaper ads, 1 radio spot, some pieces in external media and more than 300 digital media assets to show that BV has the credit and financing to reach any goal.