Samsung Galaxy A 2017

The same Galaxy DNA, a new attitude.

Samsung invades the digital music world for the launch of the new Galaxy A 2017.

Samsung Galaxy A 2017 is part of the intermediate line of the brand. It’s a model that features the powerful Galaxy DNA and, as a differential, 32GB of memory (with expandable card option) – a perfect device for those who love to listen to music, take photos and make videos.

To explore the device’s technologies and tools and connect them with its young and daring consumers, we explored a universe that is all about their attitude: MUSIC.

With the motto To Be, To Discover and To Share, we created digital actions within the musical universe, full of creativity, interaction and a lot of attitude.


Samsung needed to find a new communication for the Galaxy A 2017 audience, different from what was used for other devices. So we found out what consumers thought would highlight this device before their eyes.

We discovered a young, attuned audience with a great appetite for quality products and fair prices. Galaxy A consumers are Bold Millennials. They love to experience music, technology, shows and cool photos. For them, status is much more about conscious consumption and brand purpose.

The Insight

We detected the opportunity to create something that represented the ATTITUDE of this audience.
For this, we created a unique concept for this release in Brazil: #atitudeA.

With consumer personality as our guide, we wanted to show how the device’s technologies and tools can connect with your To be, To discover, and To share interests.

To put it all into practice, we have invaded the music world through a range of digital actions, each linked to these experiences and highlighting Galaxy A 2017’s ability to amplify young people’s connection to the sounds they love so much.

__TO BE / Le Tour Du Monde/ SXSW

At Samsung’s invitation, Le Tour du Monde duo Lucas and Iris traveled to Austin, Texas, to check out SXSW, the biggest music and technology trend event, and write a new song inspired by this incredible trip, full of #atitudeA.

All records were made with Galaxy A 2017, with an exclusive clip of the new song: Like Giants in the Sky. Another successfully accomplished challenge.

__TO BE / Titi Muller / Lollapalooza

We invited the host to be the brand ambassador for the festival, as it represents everything that this generation loves: innovations, being open to new experiences and adventures.

__TO SHARE / Alok Challenge / Billboard Music Awards Branded Content produced during the coverage of the Billboard Awards in the US in 2017

We challenged Alok to do something completely new and unusual: get inspiration from the world’s biggest pop music awards in Las Vegas to create a #atitudeA-filled clip inspired by the sounds of the Billboard Music Awards. To make it even more interesting, our DJ could only use Galaxy A 2017 to record it. And the challenge was successfully completed.

__TO SHARE / Atitude A Promotion / Billboard Music Awards

We invited audiences to take inspiration from their favorite rock stars for a photo and share it on their social networks with the hashtag #atitudeA. The most creative result won a trip to the Billboard Music Awards in the United States.

__TO DISCOVER / Sophia Abrahão / The Voice

We invited the singer to cover every little detail of The Voice, making the audience feel as if they were there. In addition, she made a powerful invitation to the audience: Let’s find out how things are done together?

__TO DISCOVER / War Room/ The Voice

To keep up with the repercussions on the networks, we had a creative team interacting with fans in real time during the show.