Rider – Slide

Only Rider is Rider-like.

The creator of one of the most iconic sandal models on the market was reinforced in a video full of history and lifestyle.

A lifestyle trend in the past years, the slide sandals have been produced by Rider since 1986. Several lines have been created since then. The Slide campaign is a 360°-communication approach meant to talk about this Rider proprietary model, exploring the portfolio and strengthening the brand’s image as a market player when it comes to urban fashion and lifestyle.

We needed to communicate this in a humorous way, with a cool language. However, we didn’t want to expose other segment players or sound arrogant.

With the help of social listening tools, we noticed that the subject used to arise in spontaneous mentions. A series of users would talk about “Rider-like”, “Adidas’ Rider”, “Melissa’s Rider”, etc. But how could we benefit from this?

We came up with an answer during the creative delivery, talking about imitation in a subtle way, with aesthetic codes alluding to Xerox during the entire communication, from the digital video to the external media pieces. The concept complements and ties up this idea: only Rider is Rider-like.