To talk about the future with young people,
Santander takes the lead at TikTok

CAPS and Santander co-create content with TikTokers
and make young people to think about their future.

Communicating with young people is a challenge for any bank, as this service is not so valued by this audience, and the fintechs got really fired up to snatch up this niche market. But Santander has a lot of cool things to offer to young university students. With Santander Universidades, the bank offers scholarship programs, incentives, and special services to its audience, ensuring conditions for them to be able to guarantee their studies. TikTok, which exploded in 2020 as the most downloaded app in the world, won over the younger generation and proved to be the perfect platform to chat with anyone entering university, and facing the difficulties of this stage of life.

The first thing we did was to define our channel’s mission: to invite young people to prepare for their future with Santander Universidades. Then, we understood that this task would only be possible if we had a squad of creators who mastered the platform’s language and algorithm, to make the content created reach as many people as possible. That’s how we got to names like Vincynite, Daniel Netto, and Nadia.

Co-creation with TikTokers was our starting point, and to make this gear work, we thought of a dynamic: CAPS and Santander think about the important guidelines for the brand, and creators use their creative freedom and knowledge of the platform to create videos that engage the audience. That’s how the #FuturoChallenge came up, a challenge created by @Vincynite to make people show their plans for the future, and which reached the mark of more than 1 million views in the first month.

TikTok has proven to be a platform with incredible potential for engagement, perfect for connecting true brand messages to people who want to consume new types of content. Yes, you can be a bank and make fun, authentic content, and be at the youngest platform in the world.