The power of Christmas magic

A campaign created to innovate this special date with emotion.

“Feliz Dezembro Novo” (Happy New December) is a rewrite of the traditional Christmas campaigns. And it is also a 360º turn that ensured optimized resources and assertive results.

Rescue the brand’s institutional front, rarely explored throughout the year, without forgetting about the sales targets of this period.


Create a manifest relating to the period with the power to emotionally reconnect the audience with the brand. The campaign gives a new meaning to endings and teaches us how to see them as new beginnings, possibilities. Thus, people are encouraged to make the most of December and take it easy in this time of the year, which is probably the most remarkable (and tiresome) one.

In addition to creating a manifest movie, we needed to develop a promotional front focused on this theme. So, the strategy also counted on external and digital media pieces, ensuring the target was covered.