O Boticário – Match SOS Reconstrução

Damaged hair: a subject to be dealt with in a light and fun way.

To prove that the new products can recover hair in 15 days, we challenged the influencer MariMoon, generated content to make the audience identify with the line and streamed a Live with a hair expert.

The Match line made a new promise: five products to recover extremely damaged hair in 15 days. This line is meant for those who have tried everything, really everything. And we wanted to tell this story in a way that would lead to much conversation. The action would take consumers from the digital to the offline world.

Raise brand visibility by creating a proprietary language and exploring the functionality of the product. Involve the consumer in all contact points, taking the experience from the digital environment to the point of sale.

Create an operation to:

// publish content with step-by-step instructions for using the product, with dramatizations about the problem of damaged hair.

// stimulate women to share their experience with friends undergoing a capillary “crisis” too;

// have an action front to hand out coupons/give recommendations and to distribute miniature products to female clients.

Thus, we created a wave that raised consumer’s identification with the concept (“for those who have tried everything”) with funny situations relating to it. We also presented the full Match line to the public.