GOOGLE - #LivingTogetherTransforms

A Google campaign fighting for Trans Visibility.

In a context where there is too little information and too much prejudice and marginalization, Brazil leads the world ranking
of murder and violence against transgender people. Google thus steps forward to wave this flag, helping in the visibility,
knowledge and discussions on the subject.

Information is a great ally in the battle against prejudice and in demystifying different realities. When we realized that Google was a refuge for trans people searching for data and references, we perceived a great potential for
the brand to join the conversation and take it to outside-the-bubble environments.

The campaign was based on 4 pillars: normalizing, contextualizing, sensitizing and educating people about the trans movement and community.

All stages of the campaign were co-created with more than ten trans people who had different life experiences and social backgrounds. Together, they identified the importance of encouraging trans and cis people living together to change perceptions, grant opportunities, talk and solve problems. And so emerged the #LivingTogetherTransforms.

The trans flag was present throughout the entire development of the campaign and was easily identified by the people who know it, but also provided visibility and knowledge for the people who did not.