Your money can do better.

A digital bank that transforms your money into credit to develop the region where you live deserves a different presentation than the competition.

Woop is the digital account of Sicredi, a system that brings credit cooperatives together (that is, the clients are also partners of the financial institution). In 2018, we assumed the account with the purpose of positioning the brand in the market, having created its identity, explained this concept and talked to the target audience: young people.

Position Woop Sicredi in the market as a cooperative digital account and launch the brand’s app, informing that it is linked to Sicredi, but it is different.

We needed to translate cooperativism to the largest number of people possible, in order to demystify this system. We challenged the way people see the bank system. Woop is a digital bank that, unlike its competitors, is linked to a cooperative.

It refutes the logic of traditional banks. When clients take their money to Woop, it becomes credit to develop the region where they live. Moreover, Woop is a modern and completely digital solution. All this led us to the concept “Your money can do better”.

We explained a series of essential concepts using the characters of our visual identity. One of these concepts is that everybody is important to the business growth. This insight was the mainspring of the institutional movie we created for the brand. That is how, within Sicredi scenario, we managed to translate cooperativism into a younger reality, in addition to inserting Sicredi in the big centers, where the brand did not have much adherence.