PETROBRAS - ride with them

The biggest women and mobility chat platform in the country.

More than just a first car. It’s about conquering independence.

In 2010, we had a peak of car purchases in Brazil. We found out that many women were achieving the dream of having a car for the first time.

With this step, however, came the doubts, fears, and difficulties of being a woman in an environment typically associated with the male universe. It was in this scenario that the largest platform for conversations about women and mobility emerged.


Today 43% of the automotive market is directly controlled or influenced by women, and 59% women already have their own car, in addition to being responsible for 40% of filling stations and services revenue. Within this scenario, we saw the need to create a channel to further strengthen BR’s relationship with the female audience.

So we created the first Facebook initiative for women to send questions about traffic difficulties and rely on each other. A space dedicated to the modern Brazilian woman, who takes care of her own life and her own way.

“Those who think women don’t understand about cars don’t understand women.”

A great connection between audience and brand that is impossible to measure.

The action was very well accepted by the audience, creating a brand community full of emotional bonds and stories of help and support. This has created an engaged community and a shielded channel for the brand.

We offered special content, promoted discussions on the subject, conducted surveys and knowledge tests on automobiles. The platform also has a Fanpage and a Site, where readers could find even more information about the automotive culture.

Until the time came for the project to embrace more strongly issues that contribute to women’s independence through mobility.

__Branded Content / Elas na estrada (Girls on the road):

Series of contents that encourage women to travel alone. We invite women who travel alone to inspire more women to do the same. Travelers from different profiles brought inspiring testimonials and participated in real-time conversations with fans of the page. We also created a mobile guide with tips for those who want to travel alone.

__Social / Every comment matters

“An encouraging comment is bigger than a discouraging one.”

From the interactions posted by the followers of the page, we discovered the power of a positive message. The De Carona com Elas community is full of women who support each other. Unlike other spaces on the internet, there is no negativity there. To honor all shared support and highlight its power, we took several encouraging phrases and comments shared by the audience and turned them into powerful art.

We invited three artists, Vanessa Kinoshita, Nina Moraes and Ana Paula Zonta, to illustrate the comments of three participants from De Carona com Elas – and the nine works are available for download on the platform’s website. In addition, we promoted the meeting of these women and the illustrators were able to offer their creations to the women who wrote the phrases.

Once again, we inspired thousands of women to go further in their cars and in their lives. We inspired women to seek their strongest side and face each challenge with courage and love.