Ode to those who make it happen.

Rider releases single "Dá Pra Fazer" in co-creation with the musician Fióti to celebrate the doers of Brazil.


Those who are not afraid to stand up for themselves and who, by instinct, make a difference. People full of attitude, who make a huge effort to express themselves in many different areas, such as music, dance, fashion, cinema, art and photography.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to create something that would reflect the work that was being built within the #DáPRAFAZER concept in the brand’s offline and online media.

We saw that this concept was the perfect opportunity to bring back the historical connection that exists between Rider and music. From there, we wondered what would be the coolest way to retrieve this connection in a contemporary way that would relate to the brand communication.

The Insight

Our idea was to make a song that would represent those who strive to make it happen.

So we thought of bringing an artist who had this street vibe, who represents the urban scene, to create a manifest song about the doers and the daily struggles.

It wasn’t long before we got to the name Fióti. A guy who has so much to do with the project that he became one of its protagonists. We closed it with him, who immediately got the idea and called his brother, rapper Emicida, to also participate in the composition.

From the single, the music video was born. With contemporary aesthetics, alive and active just as those presented in it. Seven different groups of doers linked by Fióti, the common link of all stories.

We wanted to do something that would stand out among so many other movies out there. And didn’t it do it? With a lot of rhythm, charm and attitude, the song was first released on Fióti’s Spotify, and then on the brand’s networks, revealing the partnership.

__Branded Content / Stories behind the clip

After the well accepted music video launching, we released one-minute videos with the groups and collectives that participated in the movie with Fióti, telling a little more about their projects. The content was shared on Rider’s social networks and was a success.

// Coolhunter Favela, a collective that seeks inspiration outside the South Zone to show the many faces that urban fashion can have when we look beyond the obvious. Mixing local trends, they produced the looks of the #DáPRAFAZER music video.

// Britney’s Crew, a women collective who has come together to give the highlight female skateboarding deserves, showing that #DáPRAFAZER a more and more democratic and fun scene within this sport.

// Mariwô, a project that aims to bring together and encourage Afro-culture artists and doers who are producing and showing that #DáPRAFAZER, bringing a mix of music, art and visual occupation to the streets.

// Minha Luz é de Led took the block to the street in the video we recorded in partnership with Fióti in Rio de Janeiro. With a lot of creativity, they stimulate and inspire people to create their own costumes and accessories with led lamps, showing that #DáPRAFAZER and have fun with what you have.

// Marc Kraus, visual artist who created a character to show that #DáPRAFAZER and transform things around you when you do what you believe.

// Favela em Dança brings together people from different social classes and genres through dance to expand and enhance the street culture of RJ. They show that really #DáPRAFAZER when you mix urban dance with RJ funk.