Take care Cloud: the largest nomination campaign ever made in Brazil

The story of how we brought 2 million consumers to the point of sale.

O Boticário wanted to launch its new daily care line, Cuide-se Nuvem, with an action similar to what we had already done for Nativa Spa Ameixa – bringing women to the point of sale and making them try on the products. There were 2,224,943 lotions used up 9 days before the end of the action.


The Cuide-se Bem line focuses on daily skin care. With this campaign, the goal was to empower the consumer to move away from inertia and take more positive attitudes toward self-care – driving away laziness and creating time for themselves.


Referral Campaign Cuide-se Bem Nuvem

The importance of skin care goes beyond individual care, it should be shared and encouraged among people who are part of the target audience life, especially their friends. The referral campaign had a simple but accurate dynamic: through a website, consumers would sign up, refer the nearest store to receive their sample and refer up to six friends to do the same, leaving personalized messages for each of them. And so on, in exponential growth.

Upon arrival at the store, each woman received a Nuvem lotion and was introduced to the other products in the line.


million lotions distributed

4 million

messages exchanged between friends.

Revenue growth for the brand Cuide-se Bem: