Bauducco – Biscoiteiros

The Internet slang that became a character.

Every family has a person who is crazy about likes: the biscoiteiro.
He came into life to make Cookies a trending topic.

Big little conflicts are default in all families. Who could help, by acting as a peacemaker and dialog booster between generations? That is right: Bauducco Cookies!

In the first semester of the year, we launched the campaign Family Cookies, in which short videos parodying the TV show Casos de Família (Family Affairs) explored the big little conflicts between parents and children, showing Bauducco Cookies as the mediator of these situations. In the second phase of the campaign, the challenge was to reinforce brand recall and raise product awareness. Young people’s relationships with their families was always the focus.

There is a Brazilian Internet slang used to refer to people who want to draw attention to themselves, doing anything for a like: biscoiteiro (cookie-seeker). Thinking about that, we brought the concept to real life. After all, every family has its biscoiteiro: a cousin who travels and posts l00 pictures a day, an aunt who wants to be the center of attention in all Sunday lunches, etc. The campaign videos explored these stereotypes.

We were inspired by the Stories to make the movies. We went to the studio with the presenter of the campaign’s first phase and captured various reactions and gifs, which have also become Instagram stickers. We took the opportunity to launch the brand channel in Giphy. On Facebook, a post inspired by dictionary entries explained the meaning of “biscoiteiro ” for those who were not familiar with the term. Another post stimulated people to tag the biggest biscoiteiro in their families. In both pieces, we answered the comments using gifs of the presenter and customized memes made in a war room.