A campaign that promoted that parents and children come together for a better internet

In its first 100% digital action, Bauducco gives internet etiquette tips for parents to peer with their children on the web.

Screaming relatives, chain messages that must be shared with up to 15 people to achieve blessings and as many good morning messages as pixels on your screen…

Does your family group also have these things? What if children helped parents solve these and other little problems for a better internet? This is what we proposed in Bauducco’s first all-digital campaign.

Bauducco needed to start a conversation that came closer to young people, without losing sight of the traditional positioning of the brand, which values family. We accepted this challenge: How could we connect new generations who already have an updated view of the family concept, with the traditional essence of the brand in Bauducco’s first all-digital campaign?

That answer was not ours to give, but young people’s. We talked to them in our planning phase and found that, unlike older generations, today’s parents and teenage children have a more horizontal relationship, where humor and teasing are present in both directions.

We identified a stress point in the way parents use social networks when compared to their children.

There is a culture created by the younger generations to which the older simply do not have access and for which they have not been educated.

“The campaign has become a way for kids to rebalance the forces at home. It’s ammunition for them to mock their parents, but in a nice way,” explains Mathias Almeida, Creative Director.

That’s where the Older-Customer Service comes in – a digital campaign made up of six fun, lighthearted movies made to be shared among family.

“We looked for examples of things that bother us and are almost universal in family groups” – Mathias Almeida, campaign creative director.


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