Hungry Bauducco

A campaign that drove youths crazy about Easter Dove.

Considered to be a product consumed mostly by elderly people, the Easter Dove became loved by the youths thanks to two ingredients: Snickers and a viral strategy.

Bauducco needed to launch a new product for the young audience: Colomba Pascal® Snickers®. However, do youths know what an Easter Dove is? We solved this issue by creating some chaos about the most controversial food nowadays: the raisin.

Bauducco’s idea when partnering with such a renowned brand was to attract young people in a time when everybody is after chocolate. When we started researching the subject to get insights and direct the campaign, we found out that most youths had no idea what an Easter Dove is. Some of them knew what it was but saw it as a product their grandma would buy. Therefore, our biggest challenge was to make Easter younger to captivate the audience and render the product attractive.

The concept used by Snickers® was an asset to the campaign: “Hunger makes you confused”. That’s what inspired our insight: let’s get Bauducco confused. Confused about what young people like. So we offered a little slice of Christmas in Easter time with a product the audience could not ignore: a 200%-raisin Easter Dove.

We published a post on Facebook announcing the fake product. The result was a war zone between raisin lovers and haters. We embraced the joke, answering everyone as Little Raisin, the character we created to interact with the audience through popular Internet memes.

Then, Snickers® page joined in the conversation to clear things up, and a video promoting the real product was disclosed. The strategy worked, but we found out something curious: many people, including young people, like raisins. And they got upset when the truth was revealed. Our way of apologizing was by creating kits containing mugs, stickers and magnets with Little Raisin, in addition to the long-awaited Easter Dove made exclusively with the Christmas ingredient.