The first Brazilian series for IGTV

Created in partnership with GNT and starring Thaynara OG and Julia Rabelo,
the production aims to inspire women to put their wishes first.

Cereale is Bauducco’s line of whole wheat cookies that will be with you wherever your modern routine takes you: at home, at work, at the gym, at the park, in traffic. It’s always a good idea to have a Cereale when you’re hungry.

It is handy, healthy, and women are the main focus of communication.

This was Cereale’s first digital move. Therefore, we needed to raise brand awareness to impact the target audience and turn Cereale into a partner for the modern woman anywhere she goes, when she gets hungry and wants to deal with it in a practical and healthy way.

And also declare our support for women’s fight for a society that is free of judgment, in which they can exercise their independence and freedom of choice.

Because of the growth of streaming channels and the strength of mobile technologies, fiction series and social media are increasingly present in women’s lives. That’s why we created the first Instagram TV series that combines both universes. And this is how “The Art of Choice” was born. It is a 5-episode series with a comedy tone that presents micro-dilemmas of everyday life in a light way, showing decisions and choices are not complicated when we follow our dreams.

The influencers Thaynara OG and Julia Rabelo were invited to participate and got involved in the work process as a whole: from debates about women’s choices to the shooting of the episodes.